San Diego Dog Training Classes

All levels of classes available for all breeds and ages!

Training in groups or 1 on 1 is the best thing you can do for your dog!

Do you need a Behavior Consultant or a Certified Dog Trainer? A behavior consultant, through further education works with major issues such as: Aggressive/Reactive behaviors, Predation, Fear (like separation anxiety), Phobias and obsessive behaviors (panic attacks). These major issues need someone more qualified to handle them thus they tend to cost more, but are behaviors you can't cheap out on, as they can cost you as a law suit when a person get hurt or even you're dogs life!  Be wary of trainers who want to charge you for phone consults THESE ARE BEHAVIORS THAT MUST BE DEALT WITH HANDS ON IN PERSON TO BE DONE SAFELY! Evaluation for dogs with major behavior issues: $150, we will then be able to devise a plan to modify these behaviors safely and effectively.

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We offer in home Private Dog Training Sessions with a Certified Dog Trainer.  Our private sessions prices are one single session $95; 3 Sessions + 6 week class: $375 ($85/session + $120cl); 5 Sessions: $375 ($75/session); 10 Sessions: $650 ($65/ Session).We cover all basic training as well as advanced and problem behaviors such as barking, crate training, potty training, digging, preparing the dog for the arrival of a baby, socialization, bad manners (pulling barking on leash or at fence or windows). We will teach you to communicate with your dog effectively so they will listen to you and do what you ask. We will be training YOU as much or more than your dog! THE MAJOR ISSUES, LISTED IN THE BEHAVIOR CONSULTANT SECTION, ARE THE ONLY TYPES OF BEHAVORS THAT YOU SHOULD EVEN CONCIDER BOARD AND TRAIN, AS YOU MUST BE HANDS ON IN THE TRAINING IF YOU WISH TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL YOUR DOG IN THE REAL WORLD!


We conduct all levels of Dog Training classes. We offer AKC Puppy Star Classes, for puppies up to 1 year. Basic Obedience class, that culminates in the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, test included. Advanced Obedience class, culminating in the AKC Community Test, test included. Click the link for each class to find out the specifics. All Dog training classes are 6 week long and have 3-6 participating dogs. IF YOU BRING A SECOND DOG TO CLASS, THAT DOG NEEDS A SEPRATE HANDLER, AND RECIEVES 50% OFF CLASS PRICE!

Training teaches your dog rules, boundaries and limitations. Training teaches us how to be consistent with our dogs. We will teach you to make your dog focus on you, because if your dog is not looking at you it is not paying attention to you. We will teach you a structured black and white method to properly communicate with your dog. Training  also offers the opportunity to curb unwanted behaviors and transform them into desired behaviors. Training  should be fun for you and your dog and can be a safe way to properly socialize your dog in a controlled environment.

Training  affords us the opportunity to try different tools that will allow you to achieve the behaviors you desire in your dog! The emphasis of my training methods are on POSITIVE dog training. I will teach you how to control your dog without causing stress to the animal. No dog is un-trainable, the handler just needs to know how to make the dog focus on them and the rest will follow. Our Private Sessions are held in your home or a park near you. Private sessions run about 60 minutes. Some lessons will take longer.