Be Consistent and Be Fair, it is the Least Your Dog Deserves!

Canny CollarWe love this collar for heel walking! It has a belt buckle design for security and it does not restrict the mouth. It works just like a horse bridle and pulls the nose down to stop lunging and pulling. Unlike several other head collars it does not encroach on the eye area and the lead comes off the back not the chin. To learn more visit their web site:


Hellen Woodward LogoWe love Helen Woodward Animal Center for all the wonderful things they do for dogs! They are primarily a no kill rescue shelter! They also have dog boarding and day care as well as a new state of the art veterinary hospital.

SD Humane logoHelp support all the animals of San Diego by helping the San Diego Humane Society!


Second Chance Rescue LogoOur Favorite San Diego Rescue, for whom we do volunteer work and give a discount on training to their adopted dogs!

Midland Animal Clinic
14155 Midland Road
Poway, CA 92064

A wonderful recourse for animals owners in or near Poway CA. This is where we do our group classes

We support pit bull organizations because they are a misunderstood breed. Pit bulls and other "Bully Breeds" are some of the sweetest and most loyal of all canines. It is the IRRESPONSIBLE owners that are the problem! Pit bulls are no more aggressive by nature than other canine breeds, you are more likely to be bitten by a chihuahua! In England the Stafford shire Bull Terrier is known as THE NANNY DOG due to its protective nature and how good they are with children. All Dog OWNERS must be held responsible for their dogs and then we will have less problems with all dogs. Here are some pit bull links:!home/main Page